Beach Glass Jewelry With Your Glass!

Hi Everyone!

I was getting so excited about Spring because after a long cold winter, the weather seemed to be warming up!  Unfortunately today we woke up to snow, but next week it's supposed to get nice.  I can't wait!  We live right by the Dunes in North West Indiana and the beach combers are not deterred by a little bad weather.  They have been going to the beach picking up glass, rocks and crinoids all winter long.  No matter where you live, I bet you too have picked up some treasures on your travels or nearby.  

I love taking people's awesome finds and turning them into wearable art!  These pieces are always "One of a Kind" and not only are they beautiful, but you can have a reminder of your exciting trip or adventure everyday!

Usually I set beach glass and other found objects in sterling silver, but I have also made quite a few in gold.  Either way, my customers really seem to enjoy having their unique objects made into jewelry!  Feel free to get in touch if you would be interested in having me make something with your pieces.  In the case of jewelry, the flatter the piece of beach glass the better for making pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings.  I have made cufflinks and keychains too!  I set the items in fine and sterling silver and make them shine against the rough texture of the beach glass.  The two textures play off each other beautifully and make really interesting pieces of jewelry. 

Think of me next time you find something great!  Hope to hear from you soon- bring on the summer! 


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